Supply Chain Management

Our mission is to be an extension of our customer’s operation, so we can ensure all products are delivered on time and in full, across a wide-reaching network.

J&K Confectionery have a dedicated and experienced Supply Chain team who will guide you through all the necessary requirements of delivering product to our customers.

We have various transport options that we manage, including two warehouses in the UK.

Our aim is for a 100% service level with all suppliers
To this end our team collaborates closely with customers on forecasts to ensure the Key Performance Indicator is met.

We want to ensure we have the right product, in the right quantity and of the right quality. All in the right place at the right time.

We’ll ensure that forecasts are agreed well in advance. And that we can provide sites with good visibility of future volumes to support timely production and delivery.

Our supply chain has capacity and is poised for high sustained growth
We also hold an annual supply chain conference, so all our suppliers know what best in class is and we can learn from our other partners.

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