Commercial Management

We provide a full account management service, including support with commercial strategy and joint business planning across FMCG sales.

J&K are a team of proactive, strategic, business winning Account Managers who offer a full account management service – from development to product launch, as well as all year-round strategic planning

We work with our partners to ensure products are accurately positioned, ranged and priced in line or better than the competition. After all, removing unnecessary costs or gaining additional volume through strategic promotional planning can be the difference between a product launching or not.

We provide a cost breakdown analysis for every product
This guarantees we’re the most competitive option – and we’ll work both internally and with our best-in-class product and packaging partners to ensure our products are innovative and commercially successful.

Strategic thinking drives everything we do
We work with our partners to create and maintain strategic joint business plans, promotional plans and value optimisation plans for continued, sustainable growth.

Furthermore, to stay ahead of the competition, we regularly visit Trade Fairs, Seminars and Briefings, as well as working with our Data Partners.

That way we’re always ahead of the curve with market changes. Plus, we regularly complete competitor shops and range reviews, to keep up to date with the latest promotional mechanics, tactics and campaigns.

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