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Chocolate and Truffles

Chocolates and truffles are at the heart of what we do. What’s more, we’ve spent years making sure we develop the very finest tasting chocolate moments. This includes partnering with the very best chocolatiers in Belgium and across Europe, as well as creating an extensive range of boxed chocolates, truffles, bars, and chocolatey treats - ranging from impulse to super premium.

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Sugar Confectionery

From vegan and vegetarian gummy jellies to traditional hand-crafted fudge, toffee and delicious gourmet mallow… there are few sugar confectionery categories we haven’t worked with. Flavour and creativity are everything here, with us always striving to bring the next new trend to the market.

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From traditionally elegant Belgian biscuits and continental speculaas, to indulgent, contemporary cookies and better-for-you breakfast biscuits, we work with the best in the business.

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Our sugar confectionery mint partner began over 150 years ago, with a small local confectionery shop. Quickly it became known for its premium range of mints, which it still prides itself on today, alongside a wide range of mint pastilles. You can rely on flexibility in manufacturing methods and products, with quality running through every sweet.

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Baked Snacks

It’s Christmas all year round here at J&K, and although we can offer many delicious fillings for our puff pastry pies and pastries, our favourite filling has to be plump, juicy mincemeat for mince pies with a buttery puff pastry twist.

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