Sugar Confectionery

From vegan and vegetarian gummy jellies to traditional hand-crafted fudge, toffee and delicious gourmet mallow… there are few sugar confectionery categories we haven’t worked with. Flavour and creativity are everything here, with us always striving to bring the next new trend to the market.

All our sugar confectionery partners are innovative characters that specialise in creating forward thinking products with us.

Character is our sweet spot
Our jelly sweets come in a variety of flavours and textures, from pectin filled jellies that burst with flavour once bitten into, to super sour surprises that make your taste buds tingle with delight. We are constantly looking for the next big character, from narwhals to llamas to dachshunds, to create products which make you grin from ear to ear when eating. We strive to make our products suitable for everyone to enjoy, so offering vegan and vegetarian jelly sweets is something we pride ourselves on, with them also being allergen free.

You can’t beat the golden oldies
Fudge, honeycomb, brittle and caramels are all made using traditional cooking methods with a special hand finished touch to make it extra special. Our buttery fudge melts in the mouth creating that warm happy moment. Golden bubbly honeycomb, half dipped or smothered in chocolate, adding the little bit of luxury to your everyday sweet treat. Our coconut ice also comes in a variety of flavours. From traditional pink and white taking you back to your childhood walking along the beach, to contemporary gin and lemon giving you the zing to put the spring back in your steps!

Feel on cloud nine with our fluffy gourmet mallow. It is whipped to gooey perfection to give the option to fill with pools of fruit or caramel sauce.

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