Our sugar confectionery mint partner began over 150 years ago, with a small local confectionery shop. Quickly it became known for its premium range of mints, which it still prides itself on today, alongside a wide range of mint pastilles. You can rely on flexibility in manufacturing methods and products, with quality running through every sweet.

We offer a wide range of mint products, from traditional peppermints to fun contemporary fruity mints in a variety of flavours and pack formats.

As we are consistently researching and evaluating the latest food trends, we work alongside our partners to develop products in-line with the learnings.

Our drops are good to go!
Our small mint drops are perfect for people on the go, with the flip top pack format bringing convenience to our consumers. The product offerings are in sugar and sugar free to keep in line with the ever growing health trend focusing on sugar intake.

The traditional mints in the classic flavours of spearmint and peppermint are able to be in a variety of product shapes. You can customise your mint flavour profile from hair raising strong to lightly soothing refreshment. We can do large tablets in rolls to mini tablets in a tin, whatever the target market we can find a pack format perfect to meet your needs.

Feeling fruity?
Our fruity mints offer a point of different to the traditional spearmint or peppermint. It adds a subtle fruity sweetness, while still giving you the fresh mouthfeel you are after. We are able to provide classic fruit flavours which work well for family favourites, to more contemporary takes on the traditional mint, such as early grey and lemon.

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