Chocolate and Truffles

Chocolates and truffles are at the heart of what we do. What’s more, we’ve spent years making sure we develop the very finest tasting chocolate moments. This includes partnering with the very best chocolatiers in Belgium and across Europe, as well as creating an extensive range of boxed chocolates, truffles, bars, and chocolatey treats - ranging from impulse to super premium.

There isn’t much we haven’t learned about chocolate from our amazing chocolatiers across Europe. We create market leading premium boxed chocolates filled with silky smooth caramels, rich ganaches, fruity jams, soft creams and indulgently nutty pralines. All crafted and decorated perfectly using an array of specialist techniques.

Melt in the mouth centres
Our luxurious truffles are known to be the very best for flavour, quality and texture. Indulgent centres are dusted with cocoa powder, delicate flakes of Belgian chocolate or rolled in an endless number of ingredients to create a really special collection.

The best bars, bar none
We have the ability to develop chocolate bars in all shapes and sizes from individual treat bars, to richly indulgent filled bars and chocolate tablets blended with fruits, nuts and candy for every occasion.

We’ve created chocolate heaven
We work with innovative chocolate panning experts who carefully blend or coat fruit and nuts with a thick layer of chocolate and devise infinite combinations. We also have a wide range of novelty chocolate partners who specialise in solid chocolate or filled mini eggs, balls and shapes, chocolate coins and bespoke characters.

It really is impossible to cover all of the chocolaty formats we work with here. But get in touch if you’d like to talk about our passion for chocolate in more detail.

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