From traditionally elegant Belgian biscuits and continental speculaas, to indulgent, contemporary cookies and better-for-you breakfast biscuits, we work with the best in the business.

What’s your personal favourite flavour?
For breakfast or brunch, why not try an oaty soft baked bar or a classic breakfast biscuit sandwich filled with fruity jams, yogurt creams and even chocolate! We develop tailor made flavours in individual portion packs or multipacks.

Sandwiches anyone?
How about a quick afternoon or after school snack like a cookie and cream sandwich biscuit coated in Belgian milk chocolate, or a rich roasted peanut cookie that can also be dipped in chocolate. When it comes to contemporary premium and everyday biscuits, the options really are endless.

For a traditional indulgence, you can’t beat a classic Belgian biscuit collection. From mini ganache biscuits filled with caramel or hazelnut praline to beautiful butter biscuits and crunchy mini sandwich cookies… our partner’s Belgian selections are of the highest quality.

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