Baked Snacks

It’s Christmas all year round here at J&K, and although we can offer many delicious fillings for our puff pastry pies and pastries, our favourite filling has to be plump, juicy mincemeat for mince pies with a buttery puff pastry twist.

Heard the latest waffle?
Caramel waffles, traditionally known as ‘stroop waffles’ are the perfect accompaniment to a mug of hot coffee. Two crisp buttery waffles are sandwiched together with gooey caramel, which when placed on top of a hot coffee mug, oozes and melts in front of your eyes.

There’s only one way to improve on a caramel waffle. And that’s to cover it in rich Belgian milk or dark chocolate, creating the perfect on the go snack.

Crackers to get nutty about
Although sweet treats is where we started, we’re just as passionate about our partner’s savoury cheese crackers too. Rich, nutty, savoury, and made with five grains, they pair perfectly with all kinds of cheese and offer a sophisticated alternative to others in the market.

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